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DigRate Index

100.69 (



DigRate Index is an evaluation of true cryptocurrency market capitalization. DRI is equal to market cap expressed in billions of USD.

We believe that the fundamental market cap is significantly lower than the one stated on the popular media assessments. DRI is intended to reflect the actual volume and state of crypto capitalization.

How DRI is calculated?


Calculation of index does not take into account the lost bitcoins

We have analyzed the Bitcoin blockchain and determined the number of bitcoins that can be considered as being lost, in other words these bitcoins will be kept out from the market forever. According to our estimates, there are 3 million of the lost bitcoins and, accordingly the same number of inherently lost Bitcoin Cash.


Capitalization limitation

Tokens and coins with capitalization lower than US$ 100 millions are not taken into account. In our view, the capitalization below this amount indicates the lack of demand for the asset, in addition, such token or coins can be created for fraudulent purposes and the volume of its capitalization can be generated by algorithmic trading robots or speculative groups.

Capitalization limit

Stock exchange limitation

We have limited the selection of coins and tokens to the ones traded only on the top-10 stock exchanges, and sorted them by daily trading volume. The assets traded on doubtful stock exchanges are not taken into account, as they have insignificant liquidity.

Daily trading

Daily trading volume limitation

We have limited the daily trading volume to US$ 50 000, if the token or coin is listed on the above mentioned exchanges does not have sufficient daily trading volume for two days a week, we consider this asset to be illiquid and do not take it into DRI calculation. You can see the full list of tokens and coins used for DRI calculation here .

Components of DRI (DigRate Index)

Bitcoin: 51.35 B (



Ethereum: 12.18 B (



Altcoins: 37.17 B (



Name Ticker  Price, $ Price, Ƀ Daily trading Capitalization Available tokens Total tokens