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ICO Global Market Stats is a tool that allows to get detailed and high-quality ICO market analytics: the number of ICOs for a certain period of time starting from 2014, find out how many of them have been successful and how many have failed, check the current status of projects, or get filtered data ("traded tokens", "non-traded tokens", "project’s website does not work" and so on).

We used data from,, to create the ICO global Market Stats and the database of all ICOs. The automatic system eliminates duplication and possible errors. and coinmarketcap.comwere used to evaluate projects and their status.

The ICO Global Market Stats is easy to use. There is a summary table and a diagram where ICO projects are divided into several categories:

Completed ICOs - all projects that were able to reach the soft cap. If the project did not specify a soft cap, then such a project is considered completed if it has collected more than $0.

Failed ICOs - projects that failed to reach the soft cap and returned collected funds.

Dead ICOs - projects that have development problems, despite the successful ICO. This may indicate one or more factors: their website does not work, their tokens did not appear on exchanges 4 months after the ICO, their founders were sued. Thus, the Completed ICO column also takes into account Dead ICO, as finished successfully.

Total ICOs- the number of all ICOs (completed + failed) for the specified period of time.

Secondly, there is a summary table with all ICO projects. For convenience of analysis, the table has several filters and a search line to get information about the desired project quickly.

Dead - shows projects with the Dead status.
Failed - shows projects with the Failed status.
Completed - shows projects that have completed ICO successfully (including dead projects).
Traded - shows only those projects whose tokens are traded on exchanges. There can also be dead projects.
Non-traded - shows projects whose tokens are not traded on exchanges at least 4 months after the end of ICO.
Active websites - hides all projects with default websites.
Dead websites - shows projects with default websites.

You can select several filters at once. So, if you select both the Traded and Dead filters at the same time, the table displays projects that for some reason were given the Dead status (the website does not work, the founders are being sued), but whose tokens are traded on the exchanges.

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