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All.me: A1 Rating of Investment Attractiveness

Digital Rating Agency (DigRate) has affirmed all.me rating of Investment Attractiveness.

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WM Professional: A2 Investment Attractiveness

Meet WMPRO, a rating system with a global certification of companies, products, and services, which should protect users from unverified information.

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ICO and cryptocurrency market analysis, July 2018

Having started in the second half of the month, the cryptocurrency market began to recover, and the total market capitalization indicators reached the March values.

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Weekly ICO and cryptocurrency market analysis from 23.07 to 29.07.2018

The market of cryptocurrencies continued its last week growth during the period from July 23 to July 29, and the total market capitalization increased by $ 17.7bn: from $ 279.6bn to $ 297.3bn. In percentage terms, the market grew by 6.3%.

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