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Rating activities

Everyday dozens of startups decide to launch ICO. Only one of 1,000 ICO projects proves to be successful. We believe that professional evaluation of the ICO is a key element in an investment decision process.

Rating Reports

We conduct a comprehensive evaluation of ICO to determine its Rating of Investment Attractiveness. Competitive landscape, legal details, business model, financial plan, team and MVP - we explore all figures and KPIs set by the founders and check the sustainability of a startup. Rating of Investment Attractiveness shows the probability of long-term investment return.

Express Reviews

Express Investment Review gives an overview of Quality of ICO, the current state of the startup and its potential to grow.


We conduct a basic assessment of ICO’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.


Market statistics

Analytical insights help investors choose the right investments. Every day we collect the most important indicators to provide the comprehensive overview.

DRI index

DigRate Index reflects the real market capitalization which is lower than the one stated on popular media platforms.

ICO Global Stats

ICO Market Stats is an all-in-one information tool for crypto industry professionals.

Dead projects

Post ICO projects with problems – dead site, absence on exchanges, or legal proceedings.

Market stats
Return of investments

We assess Return On Investment of traded tokens since they appeared on exchanges.

Activity charts

ICO’s activity on GitHub, Twitter and other social platforms are additional signals for investors.

Expected ROI Soon

We assess Expected Return On Investment based on country, category and other markers.


...and even more:


Using our experience in financial fiat and crypto market, we provide consulting service for startups looking to raise capital through ICO.

Law support

Legal support throughout the entire process of planning and launching of ICO.


Social activity and PR support