Announcement of ICO projects from 09/04 to 15/04/2018 | Digital Rating Agency

Announcement of ICO projects from 09/04 to 15/04/2018


Announcement of ICO projects from 09/04 to 15/04/2018
The turnover of the blockchain economy will reach $ 176 billion by 2025, and will increase to $ 3.1 trillion by 2030, according to Gartner research. DigRate analysts selected 5 the most promising projects, that launch ICO from 09.04 
to 15.04.2018

Neonexchange, ICO starts 15/04/2018. DigRate score - 5,1 (Investment Attractiveness score - А2, Quality Rate - High).

Neonexchange is a platform for trade and exchange of cryptocurrency combining the speed and convenience of trading operations with the storing cryptocurrency security. Speed is achieved through the use of off-chain technology for information and order processing, increased security is possible due to the developed Chrome smart wallet, that combines the MetaMask and Neon Wallet functions, according to the project management.

Unibright, ICO starts 10/04/2018. No DigRate score.

The Unibright Network facilitates the process of integration of blockchain technology into the existing business and enables the creation of blockchain based solutions without programming skills and the need to hire highly paid programmers. Thus, the platform converts visually developed workflows as templates into code.

Opiria, ICO starts 10/04/2018. No DigRate score.

The company plans to develop a global decentralized market for safe and transparent trading of personal data based on blockchain. The platform will allow users to generate passive income by monetizing their personal data, that they can sell to large corporations directly.

Block Collider, ICO starts 13/04/2018. No DigRate score.

The platform offers a multi blockchain solution with an algorithm for mining and interoperability between Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO, Lisk and Waves. The Collider prototype is already integrated into Alexa and Telegram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Kik are next in the line. The system wallet will be presented in the form of a chat-bot, thus, participation in the ICO will be simplified to several voice commands.

Kairos, ICO starts 15/04/2018. No DigRate score.

Kairos is an AI-based platform for face recognition. The system will be able to recognize faces on video, photos and in the real world due to the machine learning and built-in powerful graphical editors.

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