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BeEasy: high level of investment attractiveness


BeEasy:  high level of investment attractiveness
The first professional digital rating agency DigRate has assigned A2 investment attractiveness score to BeEasy – medium-to-high probability of long-term investment return, the level of project development potential is above average. BeEasy is created as a universal platform, that unites several services: mining-pool, crypto exchange and crypto fund. The main company’s product is the mining service, according to project team, minimizing the threshold for entering this activity for beginners and opening the opportunity to attract a wide audience to the mining process. Experienced miners will be able to help the project with both the capacity of their data center and flexible settings for mining on the user's personal equipment via the BeEasy mining-pool. The project is aimed primarily at the audience that is currently far from the cryptocurrency market offering it the most convenient interfaces of all BeEasy services. The project has a high probability of attracting a wide range of newcomers with a high-quality platform implementation and an effective marketing strategy, who, due to the simplicity of the platform, will be able to adapt more quickly in the blockchain and cryptocurrencies world. The main advantage of the project is a ready-made working version of the platform key module. The team has already completed about 40% of the tasks set by the project, which is evidence of their competence. There is a direct benefit of using ETKN tokens in accounting for the BeEasy platform users. The project will be interesting for beginners because of the convenience, simplicity and versatility of the platform. A significant shortcoming of the project is the low marketing activity on social networks, specialized Internet communities and instant messengers, as such social activity can attract a wide target audience. In general, the problem, that the project plans to eliminate, is relevant for the young and rapidly developing crypto industry. Many newcomers to the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are still indifferent due to associated time and cost implications, as well as possible fraud. The BeEasy project should help such users to make the first step in mining and trading world by providing access to all platform services within a single interface. Pros and cons of the project, as well as our recommendations, can be found in our report.