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ICO and cryptocurrency market analysis, Q4 2018


ICO and cryptocurrency market analysis, Q4 2018

General dynamics of the crypto-currency market ( from 01.10.2018 to 31.12.2018.)

As of Q4 of 2018 the aggregate capitalization of cryptocurrencies has fallen by 40.44% from its maximum value of the quarter at $217.1 billion, registered on 07.10.2018, and amounted to $129.3 billion. Thus, the total capitalization of Q4 of 2018 continues the downtrend of the previous quarter.

The Bitcoin market capitalization has decreased by 41.28%: from $114.0 billion to $67.0 billion.

From the beginning of the quarter the total altcoins capitalization (excluding Bitcoin) has decreased by 39.52%: from $103.1 billion to $62.4 billion. Dynamics of decrease of the altcoins capitalization has proved to be lower than corresponding dynamics of the Bitcoin by 1.75%

The DRI index (market capitalization, cleared of “dead” and non-traded coins) has decreased by 43.52% from its maximum value of the quarter at$193 bn (01.10.2018), to $109 bn (31.12.2018).

The Bitcoin price has decreased by 42.04% (from $6595 to $3822).
The price of Ethereum, the second currency on capitalization in Q4 quarter of 2018 has decreased by 40.17% (from $231 to $138).

This quarter Bitcoin dominance significantly decreased by 0.01% (from 0.53% to 0.52%). Ethereum dominance increased by 0.00% (from 0.11% to 0.11%).

Top categories of ICO in terms of collected funds in Q4 of 2018.

The leading categories by collected funds for the Q4 of 2018 were have become ICOs:
  1. Cryptocurrency ($285.1 million);
  2. Machine Learning & AI ($198.4 million);
  3. Infrastructure ($192.6 million);
  4. Trading & Investing ($135.2 million);
  5. Real Business ($121.8 million);
  6. Entertainment & Media ($62.5 million);
  7. Finance ($60.3 million);
  8. Software ($59.8 million);
  9. Business services ($53.0 million);
  10. Education ($33.7 million);

The top categories by the number of ICOs conducted.

Most of the projects were conducted by ICO in the Cryptocurrency (206 projects) category. A little less popular was the category Infrastructure with 159 projects. Then follows the category Business services with 125 projects. Behind it with a small margin is the category Entertainment & Media, in which ICO 123 projects are registered. The top five in the number of conducted ICO is closed by the category Machine Learning & AI with 121 projects.

Top 5 ICO projects by category

Category 1 2 3 4 5
Cryptocurrency Zeon Network ($None) The Man Cave Project ($None) Bet On Chart ($None) Trends Project ($None) CryptoLeaf ($None)
Machine Learning & AI ELAMACHAIN ($None) WatermelonBlock ($None) Lambda ($None) Inmusik ($None) Bet On Chart ($None)
Infrastructure Bumo ($None) Lambda ($None) Iagon ($None) Gese ($None) KryptoPal ($None)
Trading & Investing Trends Project ($None) CryptoLeaf ($None) MUXE ($None) TurboTradeCoin ($None) Zeon Network ($None)
Real Business Papusha ($None) CryptoLeaf ($None) Sansox ($None) Borneo ($None) SRT ($None)
Entertainment & Media The Man Cave Project ($None) Inmusik ($None) Qravity ($None) YuTu.Coin ($None) Provoco ($None)
Finance Sarf ($None) INLOCK ($None) EXTRADECOIN ($None) Golden Currency ($None) Anti Derivative ($None)
Software Provoco ($None) BitFence ($None) Cube Chain ($None) Iagon ($None) Bet On Chart ($None)
Business services Squarex ($None) BitFence ($None) Inmusik ($None) Iagon ($None) ELAMACHAIN ($None)
Education Trends Project ($None) Avatara ($None) Borneo ($None) Alfa-Enzo ($None) The Man Cave Project ($None)

Top 5 countries of origin ICO.

Country Share, %
Singapore 15%
Estonia 8%
USA 6%
Switzerland 5%
Hong Kong 4%

Top 10 Gainers and Losers

Top 10 gainers and losers of Q4 of 2018 were identified. When researching the market, the analysts of the Digital Rating Agency (DigRate) took into account only cryptocurrencies with an average daily trading volume of at least $ 1M.

Top 10 gainers:

Name Ticker Volume (24h) Price (31.Dec) Growth %
MobileGo MGO $ 4,816,628.9 $ 0.5257275178 32.0

Top 10 losers:

Name Ticker Volume (24h) Price (31.Dec) Growth %
Aion AION $ 1,460,662.3 $ 0.1387149745 -96.39
Metal MTL $ 2,822,235.2 $ 0.2518336367 -94.56
Arcblock ABT $ 4,250,961.6 $ 0.074835933 -93.68
Mithril MITH $ 2,646,377.8 $ 0.0624164659 -93.54
ICON ICX $ 3,682,722.8 $ 0.236482425 -93.09
Propy PRO $ 1,359,383.3 $ 0.1431953268 -92.7
Gifto GTO $ 2,761,105.2 $ 0.0238892207 -91.92
OmiseGO OMG $ 35,375,468.8 $ 1.3551045953 -91.2
Kyber Network KNC $ 1,189,106.1 $ 0.1552482553 -90.42
NEO NEO $ 35,229,670.3 $ 7.4718018167 -89.97

ICO market analysis, Q4 of 2018.

During the Q4 of (2018) 490 ICOs were completed, 12 of them failed to collect the soft cap. 6 project got into Dead category: these are projects that do not have a running website, or projects whose leaders were prosecuted or now are under investigation on fraudulent activities. The amount of collected funds in Q4 of 2018 is $473.9 million.

The number of ICOs and collected funds in Q3 of 2018 and Q4 of 2018 :

Index Q3 of 2018 Q4 of 2018
Conducted by ICO/$ 616/1.2 billion 490/473.9 million
Active/$ 25/202.6 million 66/452.6 million
Failed/$ 58/0 12/0
Dead/$ 92/1.0 billion 6/21.3 million

The amount of ICO compared to the Q3 of 2018 has proved to be less by 126 (20.45%), and total amount of funds — less by $753.1 million (61.38%).

This quarter $200.5 million was collected by the five largest projects in total, and 28.93% ($58.0 million) of it fell to the share of IDA.

Top-5 projects by the amount of raised funds, Q4 of 2018:

Name Ticker Funds raised
IDA IDA $ 58.0 million
Jinbi JNB $ 47.5 million
echarge.work ECHG $ 40.0 million
Spiking SPIKE $ 32.2 million
Foresting PTON $ 22.7 million
Total collected by top 5 200.5 million

The second place with $47.5 million of raised funds is occupied by project Jinbi. echarge.work gets the third place, having raised $40.0 million. The list of leaders in Q4 of 2018 is closed by Spiking and Foresting, with $32.2 million and $22.7 million, respectively.

Top-5 projects of the Q1 of 2019

Analysts of the Digital Rating Agency (DigRate) selected 5 most promising projects, pre-ICOs and ICOs of which are scheduled for Q1 of 2019.

  1. IOV (Protocol), Pre-ICO — 15.01.2019.
  2. Coindaily (Business Platform), Pre-ICO — 31.01.2019.
  3. SOMESING (Big Data), Pre-ICO — 11.02.2019.
    Music service - karaoke app
  4. Petchains (Communication), Pre-ICO — 05.01.2019.
    Direct-to-consumer decentralize platform
  5. Please (Platform), Pre-ICO — 14.01.2019.
    Transforming travel


During Q4 of 2018 the cryptocurrency market was in downtrend and the total market capitalization has decreased by 40.44% compared to the Q3 of 2018. During Q4 of 2018 the price of the dominant currency Bitcoin has decreased by 42.04%. The price of Ethereum, has decreased by 40.17%.

Aion, Metal and Arcblock turned out to be the losers of the quarter.

The ICO market in Q4 of 2018 demonstrated a decrease of the amount of funds raised during the ICO in comparison with Q3 of 2018 by 61.38%. The greatest interest of the audience was caused by projects from the category Cryptocurrency, Machine Learning & AI and Infrastructure.