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Scorum: satisfactory level of investment attractiveness


Scorum: satisfactory level of investment attractiveness

Digital Rating Agency has assigned a B1 investment attractiveness score to Scorum project.

Digrate experts found the project interesting and promising for the stated target audience, but containing considerable risk exposure, high sensitivity to market conditions. The Scorum project is declared as a blockchain ecosystem of the new format, the main component of which will be an innovative media platform with its domestic economy based on the principles of the free market. Such an approach, in the opinion of the project team, should solve the key problem, that consists in unfair distribution of funds and low technology of the gaming industry services. The sports industry exists at the expense of fans who do not receive anything in return: the profit of media resources belongs to their owners, and the bitting and fantasy sports are subject to high commission fees. The solution is to create a technological, modern, and financially fair blockchain ecosystem and Scorum should become one. The set of services that Scorum represents is widely used both by classical sports Internet platforms, and bookmakers. However, the Scorum team sees the implementation of its platform exclusively on the basis of blockchain technology, explaining this by the statement that in any public blockchain economic incentives aimed at rewarding participants who support the protocol and punishing those who are trying to attack it should be laid. The team says that they have no direct competitors either among traditional media or among similar blockchain projects. Obviously, the team has a clear understanding of the strengths of its project, while the weaknesses, as well as the competitive projects, are not sufficiently analyzed, and there is also no detailed SWOT analysis and information on the methods of competition for the market share of the sports industry.

Pros and cons of the project, as well as our recommendations, can be found in our report.