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TOP 5 ICO, May 2018


TOP 5 ICO, May 2018
Platforms for working with smart contracts, decentralized apps, interblockchain solutions, and payment processing systems were of the greatest interest of investors in Q1 2018. The ICO market is still asymmetric and 40% of all raised funds account for 1% of ICO projects. DigRate analysts selected 5 the most promising projects, that launch pre-ICO in May 2018.

OneLedger (Blockchain Service), pre-ICO starts in May 2018. No DigRate score.

OneLedger is a scalable universal cross-platform protocol designed for business with the goal of uniting different types of business applications and enabling them to connect to different blockchains through the OneLedger side chains.

Hedera Hashgraph (Blockchain), pre-ICO starts in May 2018. No DigRate score.

Hedera hashgraph is the platform for implementing a new form of distributed consensus to ensure secure collaboration and online transactions without the need for a trusted intermediary for people who do not trust or do not know each other.

Keep network (Blockchain Service), unknown pre-ICO start date. No DigRate score.

Keep network is a privacy layer for Ethereum. A keep is an off-chain container for data enabling deep interactivity with private data.

GoChain (Blockchain), pre-ICO starts 01.05.2018. No DigRate score.

GoChain is a scalable, high-performance and low-cost blockchain based on the principle of Proof of Authority (POA) supporting smart contracts and distributed apps.

NuCypher (Blockchain Service), unknown pre-ICO start date. No DigRate score.

NuCypher helps decentralized apps developers protect their data in a blockchain with decentralized proxy server re-encryption.

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