Weekly ICO and cryptocurrency market analysis from 09.07 to 15.07.2018 | Digital Rating Agency

Weekly ICO and cryptocurrency market analysis from 09.07 to 15.07.2018


Weekly ICO and cryptocurrency market analysis from 09.07 to 15.07.2018

The crypto market has been declining slightly from July 9 to July 15, and by the end of the week the total market capitalization fell by $ 18.2bn: from $ 274,724 to $ 256,479. In percentage terms, fall was 6.6%.

The world's third cryptocurrency exchange Huobi with a daily trading volume of about $ 823M, opened a trade on HBUS service in the US. In addition to direct cryptocurrency trading, the new platform will also provide traders with market data reviews for 22 platform-supported currencies. HBUS already accepts requests for account verification from US residents. The partnership is strategically important for Huobi, as it will open access to the client base in the United States. Along with the company in the US, Huobi confirmed that the trade was opened on a new platform in Australia. The exchange recently announced its London operation aimed at the European market, and expects OTC trade tests to begin in the third quarter of this year.

The Philippine Economic Zone CEZA issued licenses for three crypto exchanges this week. We remind that the government of the Philippines announced in April that 10 cryptocurrency trading platforms will be able to work in the economic zone to create additional jobs and stimulate the economy. CEZA requires companies to invest at least $ 1M over two years and pay $ 100,000 each as a one-time license fee, as well as $ 100,000 in form of registration fees. Licenses must be updated every year, and fees are not refundable. According to CEZA, 70 companies applied for work in the economic zone.

On July 11th, Opera management announced that it will add built-in support for the Ethereum wallet to access decentralized applications (dApps), such as CryptoKitties and AirSwap, as well as storage of the ETH and other Ethereum-based tokens. The beta version of the wallet is ready.

The Maltese Islands still remain the leading driver of the crypto field. The Maltese company Palladium stated that it is launching a project and named it the first in the world ICCO (Initial Convertible Coin Offering). What the company defined as a "convertible order" will be regulated by the Financial Services Authority of Malta. The project will comply with strict EU rules and will give investors the right to convert tokens into shares of Palladium three years after release. According to the founder of Palladium, the project will become a historic milestone and will allow bridging the gap between traditional financial services and cryptocurrencies.

American Express, whose credit cards are popular around the world, has filed a patent application for proof-of-payment blockchain technology. The document details the system that uses connected smart devices. The application explains how this system can be used to unlock hotel rooms, leased property or other property. The client will need to use the same card or smart device that he used for payment. Once the system has verified that the card or device has actually paid for the service, access will be unlocked.

After a sharp drop of almost 10% as of July 10, Bitcoin price faced serious resistance at $ 6200 level, and amounted $ 6388 at the end of the week. The minimum price for this week, registered on July 13, was $ 6,140. Thus, Bitcoin lost 6.43%.

*Provided by coinmarketcap.com

Bitcoin's market capitalization decreased by 6.36% from its maximum value of $ 117,020bn as of 10.07 to $ 109,573 bn as of 15.07.

The total altcoins capitalization decreased from $ 157,506bn to $ 147,075bn (6,62%), moving almost synchronously with the dynamics of Bitcoin's capitalization.

*Provided by coinmarketcap.com

Bitcoin dominance index increased slightly by 0,21% from 42,45% to 42,66%.

*Provided by coinmarketcap.com

The DRI index (market capitalization index, cleared of "dead" and non-traded coins) decreased by 4,25%: from $235bn to $225bn.

*Provided by DRI DigRate

Super Bitcoin, Stox and Coni are gainers of the week, prices of their tokens increased by 113%, 89% and 49% respectively. ATMCoin, Penta and CoinMeet are losers of the week.

Тоp 5 gainers (cryptocurrencies with an average daily turnover of at least $ 1 million):

Token name


Volume (24h)

Price (15.07.18)

7d growth %

Super Bitcoin


$1 467 150





$2 514 670





$112 373 000





$9 667 340





$5 292 760



Тоp 5 losers (cryptocurrencies with an average daily turnover of at least $ 1 million):

Token name


Volume (24h)

Price (15.07.18)

7d fall %



$39 174 000





$1 596 620





$1 821 230





$5 480 910





$1 129 590



13 ICOs were completed during this week, 6 projects of which were unable to collect the softcap.

The total amount of raised funds was $ 105,8M, which 2,7 times more than the previous week. Almost half of all the collected funds belong to the GoNetwork project developing a mobile network infrastructure for the Ethereum network. The number of completed ICOs increased by 2 projects: from 11 to 13 per week.

The number of ICOs and collected funds for the current and past week:




Total ICOs / $ million

11 /38,5

13 /105,8

Active / $ million

6 /38,5

7 /105,8

Failed / $ million

5 / -

6 / -

Dead / $ million

0 / 0

0 / 0

Gainers of the week:



Raised, $ million










Raised in total


Scam of the week

Bancor — the Bancor exchange announced on July 10 on Twitter that it had discovered a security breach and would investigate the incident. The vulnerability was used by hackers to steal 24,984 ETH (about $ 12M), NPXS worth $ 1M and BNT worth about $ 10M. The stolen BNT tokens were frozen almost immediately using a mechanism built into the Bancor protocol. However, stolen ETH and NPSX are still at risk. The exchange also stated that it is now working with dozens of crypto exchanges to track the stolen funds and complicate the process of cashing for hackers.

An announcement of ICO projects from 16.07 to 22.07.2018

Analysts of the rating agency for the evaluation of digital assets Digital Rating Agency selected the 5 most attractive projects from July 16 to July 22.

1. Fysical, ICO starts 16.07.2018. Category: Data Management. No DigRate score.

Fysical — a decentralized platform that allows clients to share their location data. Data providers will be able to monetize their location data, for example, traffic readings or shopping visits, while maintaining data transparency and control.

2. Nordcoin Mining, ICO starts 16.07.2018. Category: Mining. No DigRate score.

The company develops autonomous mobile mining farms with remote control, allowing to reduce the cost of electricity and rent and increase the hashrate with the help of the latest technology. Farms are made in the form of standard cargo containers that have undergone the necessary modernization and can be easily transported to places with the most suitable conditions for mining to increase the profitability of the process.

3. IZX, ICO starts 18.07.2018. Category: Advertising and Commerce. DigRate score — 5.1/7.0.

IZX — a blockchain platform for building efficient communication between sellers of goods and services, consumers and game developers of AR and VR. The project team intends to create a new niche in the digital advertising market, encouraging developers to integrate their applications into the decentralized IZX marketing platform.

4. Cognida, ICO starts 20.07.2018. Category: Data Management. No DigRate score.

Cognida — an open source platform that allows enterprises to more securely manage data and connected devices. The platform provides standardized security APIs for interacting with various blockchain systems.

5. OSA, ICO starts 21.07.2018. Category: Retail. No DigRate score.

OSA — a decentralized marketplace based on AI technology, providing solutions for retailers, manufacturers and consumers. OSA exists since 2015, providing services for the world's leading retailers of consumer goods and manufacturers, including Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, JTI, Mars, L'Oreal, Metro Cash & Carry and many others.