Weekly ICO and cryptocurrency market analysis from 07.05 to 13.05.2018 | Digital Rating Agency

Weekly ICO and cryptocurrency market analysis from 07.05 to 13.05.2018


Weekly ICO and cryptocurrency market analysis from 07.05 to 13.05.2018

The market has been decreasing throughout the week from May 7 to May 13, 2018, and the market capitalization fell to a three-week minimum as of 12.05.

Several events became the main reasons to the market turn, according to DigRate analysts. Firstly, 8,200 BTC moved from Mt. Gox wallet. Secondly, South Korean prosecutor's office accused the largest crypto exchange Upbit in financial fraud. The statements about the disappointing Bitcoin prospects by influential financiers, such as Gary Cohn, Warren Buffett and Nick Colas had additional negative impact on the market. Moreover, the Norwegian District Court ruled in favor of Nordea bank against the Bitmynt crypto exchange, that has led to a cryptocurrencies ban in the country. Most of the other news throughout the week were positive.

The Bitcoin price has decreased by 11.8% from $ 9,646 to $ 8,505 (as of 13.05). The decline in market capitalization and in the consolidated DRI index indicates the end of the upward April trend.

Alternative cryptocurrencies show higher devaluation rates compared to Bitcoin. The Bitcoin dominance has increased by 1.2 percentage points during the week (from 36.0% to 37.2%) due to decrease in the dominance of  top five Bitcoin's closest competitors, such as Bitcoin Cash, Ripple and NEO .

Pundi X, Hexx and Primas projects became the gainers of the week from May 7 to May 13. The price of their tokens has increased in 2,1, 1,42 and 1,38 times, respectively. eBoost, Helbiz and Dignity projects are the losers of the past week.

*Information provided by coinmarketcap.com

The Bitcoin’s market capitalization has decreased by 11.77%: from $ 164.161 billion to $ 144.841 billion. The maximum capitalization decrease was 11.95% with capitalization value of $ 144,535 as of May 12.

*Information provided by coinmarketcap.com

The total altcoins capitalization (excluding Bitcoin) has decreased by 16.0% and as of May 13, 2018 it was $ 244.778 billion, outperforming the dynamics of Bitcoin's capitalization decrease by 4.2 percentage points. The prices of vast majority of altcoins from the TOP 20 fell faster than the Bitcoin price.

*Information provided by DRI DigRate

The consolidated DRI index (market capitalization index, cleared of "dead" and non-traded coins) has decreased by 9.06% from $ 367.4 billion to $ 334.1 billion.

Тоp 5 gainers (cryptocurrencies with an average daily turnover of at least $ 1 million):

Token name
TickerVolume (24h)
Price (04.05)
growth %
Growth causes
Pundi X

$35 424 300

Listing on Hotbit

$1 831 950

Integration into ZeroCoin’s blockchain

$8 259 940


Placement of the Primas’ application in the AppStore

$1 547 430
Listing on 4 exchanges (IDEX, Coinbene, COSS, KKCOIN)
$7 646 900
Lising on OTCBTC

Тоp 5 losers (cryptocurrencies with an average daily turnover of at least $ 1 million):

Token name
TickerVolume (24h)
Price (13.05)
fall % 7d
Fall causes
$1 098 380
Bittrex Exchange is not supporting the Alaris (ALA) airdrop to eBoost (EBST)
$2 000 270
Not found
$1 504 140

Not found

SPF$1 131 370
-37.38%Not found
$2 524 130
Not found

10 ICOs were finished in the period from May 7 to May 13, 7 (70%) projects of which did not collect softcap; there were no projects in Dead сategory: these are projects that do not have a running website, or projects whose leaders were prosecuted or are now under investigation on fraudulent activities.

The amount of collected funds during the past week was $ 83.44 million. $191.93 million were raised from April 30 to May 6, which is 2.3 times more than from May 7 to May 13. The number of finished ICOs also has decreased almost 4 times from 38 to 10 ICO projects per week.

The number of ICOs and collected funds for the current and past week of 2018

Total ICOs / $ million
38 / 191,93
10 / 83,44
Active / $ million
17 / 191,93
3 / 83,44
Failed / $ million
21 / -
7 / -
Dead / $ million

Hycon project became the gainer of the week with $48 million result.

Gainers of the week

Project name
TickerRaised, $ million
Raised in total 


Scam of the week (07.05 - 13.05.2018)

The WENN Digital accused LBank of Hong Kong of fraudulent activities related to the KodakCoin’s tokens trade at a rate of 1: 1 to the Tether currency (USDT) in the amount of about 8000 ETH (equivalent to about $ 5.6 million) from May 4 to 11.

Announcement of ICO projects from 14.05 to 20.05.2018.

Analysts of the first professional rating agency for the evaluation of digital assets DigRate selected the 5 most promising ICOs of the week from May 14 to May 20, 2018.

1. Squeezer, ICO starts 14/05/2018. No DigRate score.

Squeezer is a platform that will help developers create applications using a micro-service architecture in which separate applications parts can interact without directly accessing the blockchain network.

2. Kleros, ICO starts 15/05/2018. No DigRate score.

Kleros uses blockchain for fast and secure arbitration in almost any field. The platform connects users who need to resolve disputes with jurors who have the necessary skills to solve them.

3. Cool Cousin, ICO starts 15/05/2018. No DigRate score.

Cool Cousin is a social platform for the tourism industry, that allows users to share information about travel, get true ratings of hotels, bars and restaurants. The company was founded in 2016, and the number of its users already exceeds 500,000 people.

4. xDAC, pre-ICO starts 15/05/2018. No DigRate score.

The xDAC platform, built on the EOS blockchain, is a decentralized ecosystem that allows businesses, individuals and autonomous agents to scale their business by creating and managing decentralized applications without any geographical restrictions.

5. W12, pre-ICO starts 20/05/2018. No DigRate score.

W12 is a blockchain platform that protects investors from fraudulent ICOs. Special W-tokens are created for each ICO on the platform. These tokens can be exchanged at any time for the tokens of some ICO project or used to return funds.