Weekly ICO and сryptocurrency market analysis from 30.04 to 6.05.2018 | Digital Rating Agency

Weekly ICO and сryptocurrency market analysis from 30.04 to 6.05.2018


Weekly ICO and сryptocurrency market analysis from 30.04 to 6.05.2018

The cryptocurrency market continued its growth from April 30 to May 6 after a slight correction of 30.04. Statements of the CME and ITS exchanges about record volumes of bitcoin futures trading, the mining of 17 millionth bitcoin, bitcoin’s price of $ 9,500 and $ 10,000 (Asian market), and a number of other positive news from market regulators and large financial corporations were the main drivers of the market growth, according to the Digital Rating Agency (DigRate) analysts.

The Bitcoin’s price, with which the entire cryptocurrency market correlates, reached the $10,000 mark several times a week, but each time faced a serious resistance. As a result, the price has increased by 8.4% from $ 9166 to $ 9940 (as of 06.05) during the reporting period. The active growth of the market capitalization and the consolidated DRI index indicate the continuation of the upward trend, that was formed in early April 2018.

Alternative cryptocurrencies demonstrate a higher speed of recovery compared to Bitcoin, and decrease in Bitcoin's dominance over the week by one percentage point (from 37.7% to 36.7%) happened due to a more active growth of Bitcoin's nearest competitors from the top five cryptocurrencies on the capitalization, such as Bitcoin Cash, Ripple and EOS.

Dignity, Primecoin and All Sports became price growth leaders in the altcoins market from April 30 to May 6. The price of their tokens increased by 3, 2.8 and 1.8 times, respectively, which is several times higher than the change in the Bitcoin’s price. Hi Mutual Society, Helbiz and Loopring [NEO] are among the main losers of the week.

*Information provided by coinmarketcap.com

Bitcoin's market capitalization has increased by 8.06%: from $ 156.257 billion to $ 168.855 billion. The maximum change in market capitalization during the week in percentage terms was 12.05% with capitalization values of $ 151,228 as of 01.05 and $ 169,452 as of 05.05.

The total altcoins capitalization (excluding Bitcoin) has increased by 13.9% since the beginning of the week, and it was $ 303,503 billion as of May 6, 2018, ahead of of Bitcoin's increase in capitalization by 5.5 percentage points. The price of top altcoins continues to recover faster Bitcoin’s price.

*Information provided by coinmarketcap.com

The consolidated DRI index (the market capitalization index, cleared of "dead" and non-traded coins) has increased by 8.11% from 361.90 to 391.28. The value of the index is equal to the capitalization in USD billion.

*Information provided by DRI DigRate

TOP-3 growth leaders (cryptocurrencies with an average daily turnover of at least $ 1 million):

#Token name
TickerVolume (24h)
Price (04.05)
growth %
Growth causes

$4 531 300

Listing on exchanges and Coinmarketcap.com

$2 964 340

Rhett Creighton, developer of ZClassic, said that he will develop Bitcoin Prime - a form of bitcoin using Primecoin technology
3All Sports

$24 197 500


The SOC quiz source for smart contract and quiz information viewing tools has been uploaded to GitHub

TOP-3 fall leaders

#Token name
TickerVolume (24h)
Price (04.05)
fall % 7d
Fall causes
1Hi Mutual Society
$2 369 020
Not found
$1 180 570
Not found
3Loopring [NEO]
LRN$1 567 810

Not found

38 ICO were finished in the period from April 30 to May 6, 2018, 21 (55%) of which did not collect softcap, there are no projects fell in Dead ategory: these are projects that do not have a running website, or projects whose leaders were prosecuted or are now under investigation on fraudulent activities.

The amount of collected funds during the past week was $ 191.93. $ 48.74 billion were raised between April 23 and 29, 2018.

The number of ICOs and collected funds for the current and past week of 2018

Raised by ICOs pcs. / $ million
15 / 48,74
38 / 191,93
Active pcs. / $ million
11 / 48,74
17 / 191,93
Failed pcs. / $ million
4 / -
21 / -
Dead pcs. / $ million
1 / 0,2

The leader of the past week was the Shopin project, which has raised $ 42.50 million.

Top 5 projects by the amount of raised funds from 30.04 to 06.05.2018

Project name
TickerRaised, $ million
Blockchain Terminal
Raised in total by top 5


Scam of the week


ZeroEdge. The online gambling operator ZeroEdge announced the second round of its ICO, despite a lot of reports on fraudulent activities and an investigation on Medium.com, that shows clearly that the casino itself and Zerocoins are fraud.

The audit of the investment attractiveness evaluation results

The experts of the first professional agency for the evaluation of digital assets DigRate made the following changes as of 06.05.2018 as the results of revision of investment attractiveness evaluations and the quality of projects: 

#Project name
Change in score or Quality Rate
investment attractiveness score has been increased from 4.2 to 4.6, the Quality Rate has been upgraded
MVP launch
investment attractiveness score has been increased from 5.1 to 5.3
partnership with CoinSwipe
3Hedera Hashgraph
investment attractiveness score has been increased from 5.1 to 5.3
partnership with Yoti

Announcement of ICO projects from 07.05 to 13.05.2018

Analysts of the first professional rating agency for the evaluation of digital assets DigRate selected  the 5 most promising ICOs of the week from May 7 to May 13, 2018.

1. FIC Network, ICO starts 07/05/2018. No DigRate score.

FIC Network is a blockchain platform that will allow users to create tools of fixed income, as well as invest their cryptocurrency assets in these tools - loans, bonds, credit default swaps, futures, etc.

2. EtherInc, ICO starts 07/05/2018. No DigRate score.

EtherInc is the Ethereum fork, which is a platform with the built-in Turing programming language, allowing each user to create smart contracts and decentralized applications. The goal of EtherInc is to create an alternative protocol for launching decentralized organizations and creating decentralized applications focusing on implementation speed, security and increased efficiency of interaction within the system.

3.  Wemark, ICO starts 07/05/2018. No DigRate score.

Wemark is a decentralized platform for storing and selling photographs that will allow photographers to retain all content rights and license it directly to their customers, eliminating the need for using photo hosting (Shutterstock, Getty), that take up to 85% of photographers’ income.

4. DICE Money, ICO starts 11/05/2018. No DigRate score.

DICE is a new universal cryptocurrency platform created with the aim of raising funds through crypto mining. Instead of the habitual decentralized transaction ledger, DICE introduces a "cluster model" of unconnected peers (called "operators") operating in a single, more efficient global ecosystem that cannot be exposed to hacker attacks and other risks associated with standard blockchain solutions.

5. Seal Network, ICO starts 13/05/2018. No DigRate score.

Seal is a blockchain based platform for authentication and maintenance of different types of products. Seal allows any user to quickly and cost-effectively verify the authenticity of any product that is connected to the Seal system with the utmost confidence. The product is matched with its digital copy in the blockchain after integrating the Seal chip. Authentication occurs in just a few clicks or based on a scan using a smartphone.

This analytical report expresses the views of DigRate and does not constitute a statement of fact or recommendation to buy, hold, or sell these or any other assets, or make investment decisions.