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WM Professional: A2 Investment Attractiveness


WM Professional: A2 Investment Attractiveness

Meet WMPRO, a rating system with a global certification of companies, products and services, which should protect users from unverified information.  

The project team states that at the moment they have no competitors. To be honest, the statement is indeed dubious, given that similar solutions have already been implemented by Ad-Hive, Live Edu, Friendz, Indorse, Qchain, Jet8, IndaHash or Odem. But still, the project team insists, that their product is unique as no other platform provides certified ratings on the blockchain. Ok, so be it.

In general, the project has several distinctive features that will help it not to get lost among many similar blockchain platforms. If WMPRO manages to convince large investors and develop an adequate financial plan, it has all chances to reach the hard cap (20 000 ETH). Read a detailed analysis of business model and token economy in our report.